Clínica Líbano Monteiro

Avenida de Sabóia, 159 1º Andar
Monte Estoril
2765-278 Estoril

Telefone: 910 262 650

Dr. Diogo Líbano Monteiro

Dr. Diogo Líbano Monteiro

Graduated from the University of Lisbon School of Dentistry (FMDUL) began advanced training before graduating, through an invitation from New York University (NYU) where he was 6 months in 1999.

Having been invited by the end of the course to teach at FMDUL, maintained the desire for advanced training. In 2001, following yet another invitation, he studied and specialized in scientific research at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2001.

Later on, in 2002, started a post-graduation with specialization ( lasting two years) in Implant Dentistry at New York University.

Returning to Portugal, with a specialty still rare at the time, was invited to start and coordinate a specialization in Prosthodontics in FMDUL .

Diogo Líbano Monteiro is a doctor available for medicacl technique and research, but is primarily a physician available for patient. Therefore, parallel to the relationship with academia, he developed and invested in its clinical aspect. He began working in the Dental Clinic D. João V in Lisbon at the end of the course in 2000. In 2004, returning from NYU, he became a partner and medical director. At the same time corrdinated the implant treatments at Hospital CUF Infante Santo, at the time the biggest private hospital in Portugal.

Living in the Estoril area for several years and with the goal of bringing oral healthcare  closer to home, he decided to create a center in this region. Many of his patients also living in the area apprecciated the increase in convenience and comfort. Although the Lisbon clinic is in a central location (near Largo do Rato) and with great accessibility, having this Estoril clinic allowed an even more exclusive and personal approach.