Clínica Líbano Monteiro

Avenida de Sabóia, 159 1º Andar
Monte Estoril
2765-278 Estoril

Telefone: 910 262 650

Welcome to our new website!

15/12/2013 19:25

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website, Clínica Líbano Monteiro.

Here you can find all the services we have available .

With our new website , we assume the commitment to keep you informed of the new services that we are offering.
Furthermore , we want to help you get the information you seek .
Our success comes from the quality level of our services , equipment and facilities .
We take pride in the care and services provided by our professionals .
We strive to listen and respond to your specific needs in a professional and efficient manner. It is embedded as our work ethics.